AI Model for Cough and Mask Detection to Confront COVID-19

Chooch AI supports public safety by using Visual AI to detect safety equipment, such as masks and other personal protective gear, and signs of illness, such as coughing, in public places. Using PPE detection, our cough and mask detection model lowers the risk of spreading COVID-19 which can help reduce costs and save lives. Chooch AI customers enjoy the benefit of protecting their employees and customers from COVID-19 using a fast, accurate, and cost-effective method.

This healthcare AI model detects coughs and mask-wearing using the following procedure:

  • Artificial intelligence models are trained to detect instances of coughing and mask-wearing.
  • Chooch AI processes video streams to identify instances of coughing and to detect mask-wearing.
  • If our visual AI detects instances of coughing or no mask is detected, alerts are sent out for follow-up.
  • This model has no facial recognition which ensures privacy.

You can deploy cough and mask detection models in offices, factories, airports, and schools. Once we’ve successfully deployed this model, Chooch AI will provide remote training. If one of our partners has specific needs, we can also deploy a custom model. You can learn more about how AI models detect coughs and masks, and then contact Chooch AI to discuss your cough and mask detection project.

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