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AI Action Detection: Computer Vision Demo for Health and Safety

Health and safety compliance has many benefits for both employees and employers. It increases the safety of employees from workplace hazards and reduces the cost of accidents and non-compliance for employers. Chooch AI customers enjoy these benefits when they use the computer vision platform on computer vision AI models.

How AI models for health and safety work are:

  • Chooch ensures our AI models are trained to detect hazardous actions.
  • Chooch runs on the edge AI platform of existing video streams.
  • It detects hazardous actions such as smoking, falling, and unauthorized people entering a building. When it detects unauthorized action, it sends an alert to managers for remedial action.

Health and safety detection models are useful in:

  • Industries that handle hazardous materials.
  • Any other organization that prohibits smoking or where it can cause serious damage.

Chooch’s health and safety detection artificial intelligence models are pre-trained and ready for deployment. We continue training models remotely after we have successfully deployed them. We can also deploy custom models for partners with specific needs, along with in-depth computer vision consulting. Are you interested in learning more about how AI models detect health and safety compliance? Contact Chooch AI today.