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Head of People Operations Infuses Culture & Fun with Weekly StandUps

Computer Vision Platform Chooch, is pleased to announce that it is possible to create a diverse yet culturally-connected remote workforce – even if your company is a hyper-growth software startup with employees living and working all over the world. Tools like Slack and Zoom were important. But the ultimate key to success was the implementation of weekly standups. These virtual meetings, led by the head of people operations, not only kept the team informed and on track but also served as a way to infuse culture and fun into the remote work environment.

During these standups, team members would share updates on their projects, but they would also share a bit about their personal lives, such as what they did over the weekend or what TV shows they were currently watching. This helped to foster a sense of connection and camaraderie among the team, even though they were physically separated.

Additionally, the head of people operations would often incorporate fun and interactive activities into the standups, such as virtual trivia games or team-building exercises. These activities helped to break up the monotony of the workweek and kept team members engaged and motivated.

Overall, the weekly standups proved to be a crucial component in creating a diverse yet culturally-connected remote workforce for Chooch. It allowed the team to stay connected, informed, and motivated, even as the company grew and expanded globally.