AI Vision for Retail

Chooch AI Vision helps retailers drive higher revenue while creating a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers. The user-friendly, all-in-one platform is designed to solve retail challenges.

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Transforming E-commerce and Brick and Mortar Operations

AI Vision offers a smarter and smoother retail experience – optimizing operations for higher store performance and impressive ROI.

  • Lower retail shrinkage
  • Higher customer retention
  • Optimized supply chain
  • Increased profitability

Why AI Vision for Retail?

The Chooch advanced AI Vision platform gives retailers the power to dramatically reduce costs, improve safety, reduce shrinkage, and drive profitability. A full range of visual monitoring and analysis tools, including predictive analytics, pattern recognition, and image recognition, improves back-end operations while enhancing the front-end customer journey.

Loss Prevention

AI-powered video analytics are faster and more accurate than traditional surveillance systems, offering monitoring, fraudulent activity predictions, searchable video, and alerts for suspicious behavior.

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Inventory management

Computer vision tools can identify stock-outs, map out better product placement, optimize inventory management, and automate product re-ordering.

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Supply Chain Efficiency

Chooch identifies, counts, and inspects loaded and unloaded goods to ensure defect-free inventories. The result: accurate and efficient supply chain, warehouse, and inventory workflows.

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Smoother Ecommerce Journeys

AI Vision enriches image quality for better search and higher sales, while quality metadata increases item findability and customer satisfaction.

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Personalized Customer Experiences

Computer vision-based mobile apps allow customers to scan products and view price comparisons, ratings, and usage guides, while real-time data drives personalized customer recommendations and offers.

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