AI Vision for Telecom

Deploying Chooch AI Vision cutting edge technology is the quickest path to smart city implementations. The platform continuously processes live video streams and generate valuable intelligence and insights enhancing a city’s ability to monitor, analyze and act, thereby ensuring smooth operations and functions at all levels 24/7.

Smart City Solutions
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Open the Door to 5G and IoT Innovation

By deploying the Chooch AI Vision platform on multi-access edge computing (MEC) servers, telecom companies can respond to insights from real-time visual AI model alerts – enabling cities, factories, retailers, and hospitals to be smarter than ever before.

  • Cost Savings
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Fast Response Times
  • Product Innovation

Why Chooch AI Vision for Telecom?

Industry, government, and private business companies need low latency computer vision to successfully capitalize on 5G mobile and IoT opportunities. By using Chooch AI Vision, telecom providers can now use their unstructured visual data to make intelligent business & product decisions in real-time

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Pretrained ReadyNowTM AI models for diverse use cases

Chooch computer vision models can detect everything from theft to stock shortages to PPE compliance to the first signs of wildfires and medical events. An organization’s unstructured video data is now their most valuable asset.

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Computer Vision as a Service

To meet the coming wave of 5G-enabled AI networks and devices, telecom firms use Chooch AI Vision to provide MEC-compatible, plug-and-play computer vision as a service to their customers. Easy to use tools allow telecom providers to customize computer vision models for their wide variety of use cases – from storefront to factory floor.

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Low-latency response times for large files

Chooch AI Vision processes data exactly where it’s created – providing the high-speed computations and low-latency transmissions needed by 5G applications.

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Efficient and powerful IoT networks

MEC can dramatically reduce IoT device battery requirements, increasing the performance and expansion of highly efficient IoT networks – paving the way for visual AI innovation in the 5G world.

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Discover AI Vision for Telecom

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