Not Just Computer Vision. It’s AI Vision.

For organizations ready to truly modernize their operations.

Computer Vision isn’t new. What is new is the way AI Vision from Chooch makes image monitoring in organizations across all industries easier, far more reliable and with unprecedented accuracy.

Why Chooch is exceptional.

Chooch has created an AI Vison platform that makes implementing a customized vision solution for nearly any application, in any industry where instantly seeing, evaluating, and instantly responding to a specific visual image or series of images can impact business performance. The platform makes it simple to get an AI Vision solution up and running in days or weeks – from dataset generation, to vision model training, to inferencing, to data output and analytics.

Detecting visual anomalies is one thing. Uncovering revenue opportunities is when it gets really interesting.

The Chooch platform is capable of discerning the subtlety in faces and body language with such precision, that it can eventually learn to measure and even predict purchase sentiment and intent. In retail stores, airports – virtually anywhere shoppers are browsing.

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“Chooch is one of the providers developing and delivering complete end-to-end CV solutions and should be considered by any organization looking to experiment, learn, or expand its use. Chooch’s capabilities and focus on supporting and optimizing CV inferencing at the edge/on device make the company an ideal candidate for customers focusing on deploying CV models across a diverse device footprint.”

– IDC MarketScape 2022

A singular platform for countless applications.

Integrate training and deployment into a singular AI platform, making it simpler than ever to get started. From manufacturing defect detection to sophisticated security to complex counting and inventory management, Chooch has made it easier than ever to deploy AI Vision quickly and accurately for countless applications.

Chooch ReadyNow Models

Breakthroughs from Chooch for an uncommonly advanced AI Vision solution.

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No Coding

Streamlined. Accurate. Efficient.

Chooch’s AI Vision platform requires no coding, making it the fastest and simplest computer vision platform to get into production. No other platform can be up and running as easily or as reliably.

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Faster AI models.

Chooch delivers its proprietary ReadyNow prebuilt AI Vision solutions specifically designed and built for the most common AI Vision use cases, across multiple industries. This means that almost any organization can get up and running quickly with an AI Vision solution for a wide array of applications.

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Edge Computing

AI Vision with no limitations.

The Chooch AI Vision platform is the only platform today that works at the edge, in the cloud, self-hosted or any combination. It is optimized on every GPU/CPU, meaning a computer vision solution that has no limitations.

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Active Continuous Learning

Making computers astutely perceptive.

Along with an integrated human-in-the-loop architecture, the Chooch AI platform continuously learns from the video data, constantly improving image recognition.

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Smart Annotation

Teaching computers what you want them to see.

Chooch dramatically simplifies the AI model training process. Within the Chooch AI Vision Studio, you can easily annotate images and videos by using simple bounding boxes or polygons.

No worries. You’ve got this.

With Chooch’s AI Vision platform, it’s never been easier for anyone to build and deploy powerful AI models that begin to recognize the images and anomalies critical to your business.

AI Vision Studio Inference Dashboard

You can train and deploy AI models for a wide range of tasks. As a simple example, you can train an AI model to distinguish between an apple and other fruit, or to recognize the color of the apple, or even to determine the specific variety of apple – from Ambrosia to Zestar.

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