AI Vision for Manufacturing.

Industrial manufacturers and consumer packaged goods companies are deploying AI Vision solutions today, dramatically improving manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Manufacturing AI Vision Models

The results are impressive

AI Vision is being used for any task requiring human eyes and human understanding but with dramatically greater speed.

  • Responsive defect detection in real time
  • Increased production line efficiency
  • Improving safety performance
  • Reducing employee accident incidences

Why AI Vision from Chooch?

Visual inspections by employees on the lines of industrial and CPG manufacturing facilities have been critical in defect and anomaly detection, access control, safety monitoring, and other key functions. But human workers are, well, human. Chooch AI Vison can perform any monitoring or analysis task with greater speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency than human vision alone.


Manufacturing defect detection & QA

AI Vison from Chooch can instantly identify products on the line that are scratched, have painting errors, have missing or broken pieces, cracks, and any number of defects that a human visual inspector would be watching for. Only AI…

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Supply and storage management

Chooch’s AI Vision platform tracks supplies coming in and going out of warehouses. The platform can easily be structured to assign codes to parts, uniquely identifying every item in supply storage. This enables manufacturers to manage the supply chain…

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On-site security and access control

Facial authentication with AI Vision, dramatically improves on-site security by improving access control throughout a manufacturing facility. Liveness Detection systems ensure that only the right employees gain access to specific areas. If someone enters an area without…

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Packaging defect detection

Chooch’s AI Vision is capable of detecting packaging defects. It checks whether food and pharmaceutical packages are properly labeled, sealed, and contain the right products or ingredients…

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Safety, fire and equipment monitoring

AI Vision can monitor the use of safety equipment in and around manufacturing facilities. Hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, aprons, and other PPE are crucial to the safe operation of any manufacturing facility. AI Vision can detect who is properly equipped and protected and…

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