Chooch AI Vision

Detect. Understand. Instantly Act.

Chooch Generative AI-powered computer vision automates manual visual review tasks of image and video data to deliver faster, more precise insights with less resources.

Gain intelligent data faster with AI-powered computer vision

Computer Vision (CV) is an artificial intelligence technology that detects, processes, and instantly analyzes thousands of visual objects, images or actions in video images but does so in nanoseconds, versus the time it takes a human being.

The technology can take immediate action when images, pictures or patterns of images are detected. Think of it as artificial eyes and brains, only more highly evolved.

15.9 Billion

Estimated USD Value
in 2021

51.3 Billion

Estimated USD Value
in 2026

Global Computer Vision Market

Reinventing Computer Vision.

Computer Vision is not new. But Chooch has engineered an AI Vision platform that is transformative, using AI algorithms so sophisticated it is making computer vision capable of dramatically improving how organizations in most industries operate.

The Chooch AI platform continuously learns from the video data and patterns of data, constantly improving image recognition while broadening contextual data, improving accuracy minute by minute, day after day.

ReadyNow™ AI Vision.

Only Chooch has taken the extra care to have developed pretrained ready-now AI vision solutions for the most common computer vision use cases to get your CV solution up and running in days, not weeks or months. See more.

AI Vision on any device.

Only Chooch’s AI Vision offers a vision platform for business and government with no limitations whatsoever. The platform is easily deployed quickly and reliably in the cloud, or at the Edge, or both. It is optimized for every GPU/CPU so that the solution works however you need it to work. See more.

AI Vision at the edge.

The Chooch AI Vision platform is used today in a wide variety of applications; for workplace safety, satellite image analysis, procedure detection in operating rooms, image quality control, in the cloud and as edge AI. And it can be used on any device, computer, tablet or mobile phones. See more.

Operate with precision.

Chooch technology is enabling organizations to operate with unprecedented precision and efficiency. This is mission critical in environments where immediately detecting visual elements and comprehending their meaning dramatically improves business performance and creates new revenue opportunity.

No other computer vision provider is capable of delivering this kind of AI Vision technology.

Leverage AI Vision with confidence and speed.

Our services team has deep experience in helping to implement an AI Vision solution to meet your most stubborn challenges. We can help with identifying where AI Vision can work best in improving operational excellence at your organization.

Our advisory services include:

Consultative design
Data collection
Data collection
Annotation & labelling
Model development
Prototype testing
Support & growth

Now discover more.

Learn more about AI Vision and how it might add enormous value in your organization.

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