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Chooch AI Vision is being used in organizations where detecting, interpreting and immediately acting when certain images are detected in video streams is crucial.

Chooch has engineered the most sophisticated AI Vision platform designed to reliably detect the most subtle nuances in video imagery. And yet, it is simple and fast to build, deploy, and use in nearly any use case, in any industry.

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From edge AI to AI in the cloud. From cameras on satellites to sensors on robots. We have even deployed AI Vision medical imaging through microscopes.

Chooch is a leader in AI vision solutions. Period. Schedule a demo to see for yourself.

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Learn about Chooch ReadyNowTM models.

See the ReadyNow models for the most common AI Vision use cases across the most efficiently run companies today.

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Try our complimentary AI Vision Studio.

The AI Vision Studio is where you can begin building your AI Vision solution. It is an intuitive environment that allows you to train the platform what you want it to “see”, how you want it to respond and the data you want to collect.

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Experience AI Vision on your mobile device.

See how easily the Chooch ImageChat app recognizes virtually any image using the camera on your mobile device. It will provide you with a sense of the possibilities with computer vision. Spontaneously. Reliably.


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