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Chooch AI Vision platform integrates generative AI and computer vision to help organizations improve the search, review, and analysis of image and video data with greater consistency and accuracy.

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Chooch delivers an all-in-one solution for building generative AI vision applications

The AI Vision Studio allows you to build computer vision solutions in minutes. Our low-code platform makes data preparation, model training and evaluation, and deployment easy; even for the most non-technical users.

The low code tools you need for building and deploying AI Vision at scale

Automate Data
Automate data collection from one or multiple cameras

Chooch’s device management application allows you to manage self-hosted or edge devices and push your models into production without Devops. Add streams, add models to your devices, and create business logic for analytics.

Process image
Process image and video data faster in the cloud or at the edge

Chooch’s inference engine is optimized for low frames per second environments with multiple heavy models on each stream. Compatible with most GPUs and CPUs.

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Full model management in our AI Vision workbench

Chooch AI Vision Studio allows you to manage the entire AI Lifecycle from dataset management, annotation, model training as well as synthetic data creation.

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Pre trained computer vision models to get you started

Chooch offers ReadyNow™ AI models for commonly used applications like object detection, image recognition, sentiment analysis, and more. This makes deploying computer vision easy.

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From edge AI to AI in the cloud. From cameras on satellites to sensors on robots. We have even deployed AI Vision medical imaging through microscopes.

Chooch is a leader in AI vision solutions. Period. Schedule a demo to see for yourself.

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