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The Chooch vision

Chooch has redefined conventional computer vision with Generative AI.

Chooch Vision AI uniquely detects, processes, and instantly analyzes visual elements in video streams but does so in nanoseconds, versus the time it takes a human being.

We have built the world’s best Vision AI platform engineered with the finest human qualities capable of deep understanding and the ability to make decisions. The result is a computer vision AI platform that sees, comprehends, and acts like a human, but without error, fatigue, or distraction. We envision a world where humans are free to do the things they do best, and where technology does the things better left to technology.

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The Chooch leadership team

Experience. Vision. Integrity. Each member of the leadership team has uncommon experience in building companies dedicated to customer success.

Anubhav Saxena COO Chooch
Anubhav Saxena
Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth Chew, Chief Strategy Officer, Chooch
Kenneth Chew
Chief Strategy Officer
Emrah Glutekin Founder Chooch
Emrah Gultekin
Co-Founder and Chairman
Hakan Gultekin CTO
Hakan Gultekin
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Michael Liou VP
Michael Liou
President Corporate Strategy and Development
Dianna Cordy Controller
Dianna Cordy

Chooch innovation drives unparalleled performance

At the heart of each Generative AI and Computer Vision advancement lies innovation at every step. It’s foundational to everything we do.

An AI Vision solution with no limitations

Only Chooch Vision offers a vision platform for business and government with no limitations whatsoever. The platform is easily deployed quickly and reliably in the cloud, or at the Edge, or both. It is optimized for every GPU/CPU so that the solution works however you need it to work.

Air gap data isolation technology

With AI models deployed into your own unique data environment, your data can be completely disconnected from everything else. Your data stays with you. No one has access to it. It is the most refined and sophisticated AI Vision platform in the industry.

Active continuous learning.

Along with an integrated human-in-the-loop architecture, the Chooch AI platform continuously learns from the video data and patterns of data, constantly improving image recognition while broadening contextual data and improving accuracy minute by minute.

Chooch’s exclusive ReadyNow solution sets

No other provider offers ReadyNow AI Vision solutions, pre-built for the most common applications across many industries. This means that in many cases, you can be up and running with a robust AI Vision solution in a matter of days or weeks. Not months.

Smart annotation

Chooch offers its exclusive Smart Annotation functionality capable of augmenting visual data and generating additional synthetic data, accelerating the generation of video data sets. Your Chooch solution “learns” faster and deploys smarter.

Chooch Visionary Partners

Chooch partners with the world’s most advanced technology and communications organizations to deliver even more customer value.

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