Computer Vision for Smart Cities

Deploying Chooch AI Vision cutting edge technology is the quickest path to smart city implementations. The platform continuously processes live video streams and generate valuable intelligence and insights enhancing a city’s ability to monitor, analyze and act, thereby ensuring smooth operations and functions at all levels 24/7.

Smart City Solutions
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Why AI Vision for Smart Cities?

City officials have a wide array of responsibilities to execute daily to help manage and run cities efficiently. They range from ensuring safety for its citizens and workers to maintaining upkeep for critical infrastructure. With shrinking budgets and the need to improve cost efficiency, Chooch AI Vision is critical to managing and executing these processes efficiently with both scale and speed.

  • Leverage real-time insights for disaster response
  • Alleviate traffic & crowd congestion
  • Enhance public safety initiatives
  • Predict infrastructure emergencies

Why AI Vision from Chooch?

Manual visual inspections is critical in defect and anomaly detection, access control, safety monitoring, and other key operational functions. But human workers are, well, human. Chooch’s computer vision solutions can automate repetitive visual inspection tasks so that employees can be reallocated to higher value activities.

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Rapid Emergency Response

Computer vision can help detect, analyze, and alert emergency response personnel such as police, fire, EMS, and hazmat teams to respond to critical incidents such as building fires, traffic accidents, roadway hazards, dangerous crowd conditions, active shooter situations and even major fuel spills with efficiency, speed and at scale.

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Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Ensuring the integrity of city infrastructure is critical to daily management of cities. Chooch AI Vision can assist power stations and water reservoirs monitor and detect illegal trespassing, tampering, suspicious activity, and sabotage. In addition, computer vision enhances preventive maintenance functions such as the early detection of corrosion, degradation of equipment, hazardous road, or airport runway conditions.

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Safety & Security for Individuals

Cities spend billions annually on both crime prevention and crime detection in personnel and technology. Computer vision cost effectively enhances and augments monitoring and policing capabilities by efficiently detecting critical incidents such as weapons, fire and smoke, and social unrest. Additional monitoring and detection of loitering, suspicious objects, trespassing, and even crowd analysis to avoid dangerous levels of occupancy are all possible with Chooch AI Vision. The technology assists command and control decisions and rapidly and efficiently deploy the proper personnel and response on scene

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Cost Effective and Efficient

Chooch AI Vision is a cost-effective means for cities to conduct various day to day monitoring and inspection functions such as parking enforcement, detection of potholes, road cleaning, automated ticketing, traffic intersection management and efficient garbage collection. By efficiently detecting, managing, and processing these events, cities can reduce time and labor and increase efficiency in its daily operations.

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By leveraging Chooch AI Vision technology, cities can scale monitoring and inspection functions efficiently across an array of cameras deployed city wide with capabilities such as 24/7 detection of license plates, vehicles of interest, incidents of fire and smoke, and detection of dangerous conditions such as overcrowded areas, fuel spillage across large areas of streets, sidewalks, buildings, and critical infrastructure.

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