Inventory Management with Computer Vision

Healthcare Inventory Management

From Manual Counting
to AI-powered Efficiency

Unlock the power of AI-powered healthcare inventory management. Improve inventory tracking accuracy, save costs, and free staff to focus on patient care.

Simpler, smarter hospital inventory management

Balancing staff shortages and increasing patient numbers present significant challenges for healthcare facilities. Inefficient inventory management compounds these issues, leading to higher costs and disruptions in patient care.

Stop counting. Start saving. Deliver exceptional patient care.

Eliminate time consuming, error-prone manual inventory tracking. Chooch’s AI-powered solution disrupts the status quo, offering the next-generation approach to hospital inventory management.


of procedure disruptions are inventory and resource related

$765 Billion

wasted annually due to supply chain inefficiencies

Unlock the power of AI-powered inventory management
The results are impressive.


time savings on manual inventory tasks


improvement in inventory tracking accuracy


reduction in holding costs and waste


improvement in patient care delivery


time savings on manual inventory tasks


improvement in tracking accuracy


reduction in holding costs and waste


improvement in patient care delivery

Streamline supply chain operations

Focus on what matters most—patients. With zero change management and disruption to day-to-day operations, Chooch delivers the real-time inventory tracking visibility, critical usage insights, and automated reordering signals to ensure the right supplies are always available to guarantee uninterrupted care delivery.

Automate supply tracking. Count smarter.

Improve inventory count accuracy. Eliminate infrequent, error-prone manual inventory audits. Track supply removals from shelves and bins in real time and ensure accurate, up-to-the-minute counts to avoid procedural disruptions.

Predict inventory needs. Reorder smarter.

Eliminate stock outs or overstocking. Chooch AI analyzes supply usage patterns, predicts future needs, and optimizes reordering schedules, triggering automated reordering signals to ensure the right supplies are always on hand.

Automate reorder signals. Work smarter.

Improve operational efficiency. Chooch Smart Analytics provides real-time, data-driven insights to autonomously trigger reorder signals based on pre-set thresholds and supplier lead times, seamlessly integrating with other hospital systems.

Reduce operational costs. Save smarter.

Optimize resources. Eliminate wasted staff time spent on counting hospital inventory. Chooch’s autonomous inventory management solution minimizes overstocking waste and ensures timely replenishment, leading to significant cost savings.

Smart Analytics Inventory Management Dashboard

Leave RFID tags and barcodes behind

Ready to get a better grip on your inventory? Chooch’s AI-powered autonomous inventory management leverages computer vision for precision tracking, workflow automation, and powerful AI algorithms for smart analytics. Upgrade to next-generation inventory management for superior outcomes.

Smart Analytics Inventory Management Dashboard

We understand you have questions

Let Chooch help you build a sustainable, scalable, smarter inventory management system.

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How much change is required to our current processes and systems?

No change management is required. Staff can continue their current workflows, such as picking supplies for cases and replenishing stock, without interruption. Chooch simply reduces the administrative burden of counting, updating the inventory management system, and ordering, freeing up their time for patient care.

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What type of network does the Chooch platform run on?

Chooch offers a modular, scalable architecture that operates at the edge, collecting data, and processing it in the cloud or on-premises. Our software leverages existing ethernet or wireless networks in healthcare locations and can be tailored to meet specific network, compute, and privacy requirements.

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What type of medical supplies can Chooch identify?

From supplies used in the Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology, OR Core, Sterile Processing Department, and Pediatrics, to OTC items in clinics, Chooch handles it all. Our system processes tens of thousands of SKUs across multiple inventory locations, ensuring efficient and accurate inventory management with complete visibility across the entire hospital.

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How does your platform ensure data security and privacy?

We take data security seriously. The Chooch platform ensures GDPR compliance across edge, self-hosted, and cloud environments. Our technology suite, from data capture to analytics, does not store, capture, or process any private, confidential, or patient-related data, eliminating privacy concerns.

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Unlock the power of AI-powered autonomous healthcare inventory management.