PPE Detection


Vision AI for Ensuring Workplace Safety

Gather real-time safety indicators to transform workplace safety management.

Always-on EHS monitoring to ensure workplace health and safety

The Chooch AI Vision Platform analyzes video streams and detects work hazards and safety risks in as little as 0.2 milliseconds. Real-time alerts can be sent as texts or emails along with video clips for incident management and early action.

  • Vehicle controls
  • PPE compliance
  • Area controls
  • Behavioral safety

Chooch empowers your EHS teams to identify workplace hazards and proactively address them

Identify unseen safety hazards

Chooch AI Vision is your second set of eyes. Monitor your camera video feeds real-time allows to track the most nuanced visual elements, movements, and behaviors to communicate faster of potential safety risks.

Reduce workplace injuries

Address near misses and put corrective measures in place to prevent future incidents. Use AI Vision to analyze camera footage real-time and leverage historical footage to make better informed, proactive decisions.

Maximize operational uptime

A safe workforce is a productive workforce. Identify potentially dangerous situations and send alerts to the at-risk employees and supervisors to avoid business disruptions and employee injury.

Leverage existing networks and cameras

Deploy Chooch’s AI Vision platform on your cameras and edge devices, in the cloud, or hybrid environments. Make use of existing cameras and network technology; no other sensors or hardware required.

Maintain a positive safety culture

When business prioritize safety, that encourages employees to prioritize safety. Real-time monitoring allows you to analyze your workplace and identify potential safety risks or areas before they become systematic.

​ReadyNowTM AI Vision safety solutions for detecting workplace hazards

Forklift moving boxes
Vehicle controls

Make sure vehicles and operators comply with approved travel paths, speed limits, and seat belt usage.

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Area controls

Prevent employees from entering restricted areas and hazardous zones. Monitor crowding and loitering real-time.

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PPE detection

Identify employees missing goggles, gloves, safety vests, and hard hats to ensure PPE compliance.

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Slips and falls

As one of the most frequently reported causes of injuries, identifying falls can trigger notifications to activate quicker response.

Ladder and gear
Behavioral safety

Avoid line of fire injuries such as people in vehicle paths, caught-in/between equipment, and height violations.

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Fire and smoke

Process video feeds real-time to identify smoke and fire and integrate alerts with existing fire detection and alarm systems.


Capture real-time ergonomic risks to intervene to prevent acute and chronic injuries.

Weapon detection

Identify handguns or items resembling weapons to trigger alerts notifying security personnel or active pre-programmed actions.

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