Chooch AI Vision

The Chooch AI Vision Platform.

Not Just Computer Vision. It’s AI Vision.

AI Vision – a full lifecycle computer vision solution, dramatically expands how visual recognition can be created, implemented, deployed, and measured.

Engineered like no other vision platform.

AI Vision serves both functional and technical users by using artificial intelligence to enable computers to see, comprehend and respond to specific images in videos which can have an immediate impact on business performance.

Its application has become widespread in organizations that are modernizing their operations, making them more discerning and responsive, where the subtlest change or anomaly in a video image can be expensive or even dangerous.

PPE Detection ReadyNow AI Models
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Functionality for every stage in the lifecycle.

Chooch has made it easier than ever to deploy AI Vision quickly and accurately for countless applications. It is redefining the way vision technology is being deployed across every industry.

Even in the public sector.

From the creation of your first visual dataset, through visual model training, to inferencing and the most sophisticated analytics engine, Chooch makes AI Vision simple, with the industry’s fastest time to value.

AI Vision Lifecycle Platform

Teaching computers what to see.

Every vision platform must learn precisely what you want it to “see.” Chooch has made this initial step of learning easier than ever allowing the platform to quickly learn what you want it to detect using a simple bounding box process to isolate a specific image or collection of images.

Chooch’s proprietary Smart Annotation feature can immediately apply pretrained or custom concepts to raw images, dramatically increasing the speed of creating even the most detailed datasets.

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AI Vision studio.

In the AI Vision Studio, vision models are created, improved, imported, and exported in our cloud or self-hosted in a private cloud environment.

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Chooch’s unmatched inference engine.

Chooch’s best-in-class inference engine is optimized for low FPS environments with multiple heavy models on each stream. This means extraordinarily flexible deployment across nearly all Nvidia devices and soon, Jetson Orin as well. Learn more.

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It’s ready. Now.

Chooch offers ReadyNow™ AI models; pretrained models for commonly used AI Vison tasks across industries. This makes getting up and running quick with out-of-the-box efficiency. ReadyNow models are commonly used for Safety & Security, Surveillance, Manufacturing QA, Healthcare and many other use cases. Learn more.

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Astutely perceptive.

AI Vision Comprehends and Improves with Active Continuous Learning (ACL).

It’s not just about putting computer vision into production. It’s about keeping it in production. Along with an integrated human-in-the-loop architecture, the Chooch AI platform continuously learns from the video data and patterns of data, constantly improving image recognition while broadening contextual data, improving accuracy minute by minute, day after day.

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Smart annotation.

Training computer vision models can be time consuming. For example, if you want to train an AI model to recognize human faces, you need a large dataset of human images, each annotated with the correct environment or background.

Chooch dramatically simplifies and accelerates the AI model training process, allowing you to easily annotate images and videos by using simple bounding boxes or polygons.

Smart Annotation hyper-automates and dramatically increases the size and scope of vision datasets.


Why Chooch?

Chooch’s AI Vision platform instantly detects specific images and business-critical anomalies. It is capable of immediately comprehending their significance and instantly putting in motion pre-programed responses to them. It does these things in a fraction of the time a human being could even notice there might be an issue.

Chooch’s AI Vision platform requires no coding, making it the fastest and simplest computer vision platform to put into production.

And with Chooch’s smart analytics, the data gathered by the AI Vision platform is analyzed and displayed instantly, enabling continuous business process improvements, identifying pathways to higher efficiency and increased revenue.

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No worries. You’ve got this.

With Chooch’s AI Vision platform, it’s never been easier for anyone to build and deploy powerful AI models that begin to recognize the images and anomalies critical to your business.

You can train and deploy AI models for a wide range of tasks. As a simple example, you can train an AI model to distinguish between an apple and other fruit, or to recognize the color of the apple, or even to determine the specific variety of apple – from Ambrosia to Zestar.

PPE Detection ReadyNow AI Models

The Chooch integrated, end-to-end AI platform generates highly accurate predictions in just a fraction of a second. Using imagery from cameras, drones, cell phones, medical imaging devices, and far more.

Chooch AI Vision can.

  • Be used in any industry.
  • Be deployed in hours or day, not months.
  • Dramatically lower costs by automating tasks.
  • Eliminate human error, increasing accuracy.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Serve as a pathway to new revenue streams.

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