Computer Vision for
Wildfire Detection

Chooch delivers an AI Vision solution uniquely designed for the nation’s fire management agencies using any existing camera infrastructure to provide early smoke and fire detection with best-in-class accuracy.

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Dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of wildfire detection with computer vision

The Chooch AI Vision platform provides automated monitoring of thousands of existing fire surveillance cameras with computer vision models trained with billions of parameters for immediate and accurate smoke and fire detection with no additional personnel or maintenance.

  • Automate surveillance
  • Detect events earlier
  • Improve preparedness
  • Respond faster

Chooch’s AI Vision wildfire detection solutions help first responders and government agencies respond faster

Detect wildfires earlier with continuous monitoring

The Chooch AI Vision platform monitors video feeds autonomously. Human intervention is only needed to verify low confidence threats and ensure the proper response.

Easily scale detection capabilities

Monitor hundreds or thousands of existing fire surveillance cameras simultaneously. Easily scale fire and smoke detection capabilities to address growing wildfire incidents.

Act faster with pre-programmed response protocols

The Chooch platform determines the nature of a smoke and fire threat and sends real-time alerts to the appropriate departments, for faster emergency responses with the right equipment and personnel.

Increase detection accuracy

Chooch AI Vision instantly detects the most subtle indications of smoke and fire in any camera stream, all in a fraction of the time even a well-trained human eye  could notice there might be a threat.

Improve personnel productivity

Use AI Vision for monitoring terrain anomalies and use your experienced personnel for verification and deploying responses.

​An AI Vision platform of unprecedented precision and accuracy

Chooch models continuously learn to recognize smoke versus clouds, fog, or steam. Built to recognize over 40M objects and activities, the Chooch platform algorithms are continuously learning so that we can offer you the best-in-class computer vision. 

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ReadyNowTM fire and smoke models
CCTV Camera
Camera agnostic
Image Recognition
Recognizes 40M objects and actions
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Deploy on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
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Identify fire risks in under one minute

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