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ImageChat Technology Detecting Wildfires

While the evolution of natural language processing has made remarkable advancements in recent years, large language models (LLM) have not been particularly useful in analyzing visual information in photos, videos, and other images. ImageChat, is the latest image-to-text generative AI technology. And it’s a game changer.

ImageChat is Chooch’s latest cutting-edge model that analyzes images and provides more detailed insights into visual images with staggering accuracy in most use cases. An ensemble of LLM and computer vision AI models make it capable of recognizing over 40 million visual elements. It’s providing enterprises a revolutionary way to build computer vision models using text prompts.

Detecting wildfires with ImageChat AI

One of the first ImageChat deployments is in the detection of wildfires. As we are all aware, wildfires in California can cause significant damage and pose a serious threat to people and property. ImageChat is deployed on 1000 ground station video streams, providing unprecedented accuracy in smoke detection. ImageChat also generates language descriptions of images, providing organizations with additional information about the detected elements. For example, in the wildfire case, the model identifies the location of the smoke in the camera frame and a confidence value of the detection, discerning haze, fog and other related events from actual smoke. This information allows organizations to make certain every possible detection is being evaluated with very few false positives.

When computer vision meets large language models

Trained on over 11 billion parameters and 400 million images, ImageChat-1 is a dramatic step into the future, bridging the gap between language and visual information. This type of intelligence, where machines can comprehend visual data using language, is taking the computer vision category to a much higher level of sophistication.

The ImageChat model is built on Chooch’s proprietary architecture, which uses a transformer-based neural network, pre-trained on vast amounts of visual and language data combined with object detectors to generate localized, highly accurate detection of the most subtle nuances in images for any enterprise use case. ImageChat can analyze images and frames of video by breaking them down into individual components, such as objects, people, and locations, providing detailed descriptions that can be queried with language prompts from a user or automatically via an API.

ImageChat is the future of image-to-text generative AI

ImageChat is a profound milestone – the intersection of computer vision and language. With its remarkable precision, this technology has the potential to transform how we interpret video streams and images and extract valuable insights from them. Chooch anticipates enterprises will soon build their own ImageChat models using their unique visual and language data on top of the foundational ImageChat model. It will be instrumental in safeguarding and disseminating critical enterprise information to all stakeholders, ensuring business continuity and growth.

ImageChat is available to Chooch enterprise customers for deployment on any existing camera system. For those who want to try it out, ImageChat is also available as a free app on iOS and Android.


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