ImageChatTM  Generative AI

Combining the power of computer vision and language in one powerful solution.

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Chooch makes cameras intelligent with generative AI

Computer vision meets language to create powerful solutions for gaining more actionable insights into your video data.

ImageChat combines computer vision and large language models to use automated text prompts to detect and recognize more granular details about what’s inside images with the highest levels of accuracy, at scale.

Wildfire and smoke detection with ImageChat

ImageChat helps you gain a deeper understanding of your visual data faster and with greater accuracy

Save time by simplifying and automating routine visual inspection tasks at scale

Combining ImageChat with Chooch’s ReadyNowTM detection models, you can create custom text prompts to inspect video footage real-time for actions, objects, or images that could be indicators further action is required. Monitor environments for smoke and fire, equipment fatigue, production quality assurance, and more.

Save money and maximize resources by reducing manual data review times

By automating the process of extracting information from visual content, ImageChat significantly reduces analyst review times and manual efforts. By fine-tuning text queries, they can narrow down the precise information needed to be reviewed which reduces labor hours and costs.

Gain more actionable data insights with unprecedented accuracy in over 50 languages

ImageChat is trained on over 11 billion parameters and 400 million images and can recognize more than 40 million visual details. ImageChat supports uploads of multiple file types like .xls, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, and .png. And it can interact and understand over 50 different languages.

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Upload a favorite photo from your local device and start chatting with it, and it’ll chat back.

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Experience on your mobile device.

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