ImageChat-5 Release: Real-Time, Web-Based Answer Generation

ImageChat-5 New Release

This blog post focuses on ImageChat-5 new features. The most notable is RAG (Retrieval-augmented generation) to enhance the accuracy and reliability of ImageChat responses.

ImageChat-5 new features

Introducing real-time web answer generating/search

(Available in the Mobile App and Desktop Application)

In its latest release, ImageChat-5 has been enhanced with real-time data to improve the accuracy and relevance of its responses to queries. ImageChat can quickly provide answers while simultaneously searching for relevant information through the web. This is achieved by enabling the ImageChat LLM to integrate with an external knowledge base to gather relevant information before generating a response. It utilizes a retriever to select pertinent information and documents and a generator to produce text based on the retrieved documents and the input query.

Now, ImageChat not only relies on its own knowledge base but can also conduct web searches based on the query, retrieving relevant information, and providing these details along with the source URLs in the chat.

Let’s explore some examples.

Example Prompt
What are the top movies to see in the theaters this weekend?


ImageChat Question and Answer Example

Example Prompt
Provide a recipe for macaroni and cheese and provide related links


ImageChat RAG Feature

Streaming text generation

(Available in the Mobile App and Desktop Application)

ImageChat-5 delivers real-time response streaming word by word, rather than showing the entire query response once it is completed. Now, you can see ImageChat’s response progress and as it is being generated instead of waiting.

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