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What is Chooch?  

Istanbul, Turkey

Chooch is a leading provider of computer vision AI solutions that make cameras intelligent.

Chooch was founded by Turkish-American brothers, business focused, Emrah, and technology driven, Hakan Gültekin. Emrah, a serial entrepreneur, had spent 20 years building startups and businesses from an engineering consultancy, to real estate development, to commercial and social investment consulting. He saw the world was rapidly changing and not exactly in the right direction. Despite technological advancements, there continued to be a lack of efficiency, foresight, and transparency to help companies make the right decisions, and he had a strong desire to contribute to the next wave of technological innovation to solve this.

Chooch was founded at the intersection of the evolution of society and the advancement of artificial intelligence.

Hakan and Emrah Gultekin, Chooch FoundersWho is Chooch?

From an early age, Hakan Gültekin immersed himself in computer programming. A decade prior to starting Chooch, Hakan developed an image analysis system for medical imagery that could be utilized on smartphones and tablets. This marked the first instance where developers could employ deep learning frameworks to train models and implement these early prototypes in real-world scenarios.

In 2012 when Hakan began working on visual perception and imaging systems utilizing artificial intelligence, it sparked an idea. Was it possible to replicate human visual comprehension and cognition in machines, enabling them to see, understand, and learn like humans?

This challenge became the catalyst and eventually turned into an obsessive goal for the Gültekin brothers.

While humans see with their eyes, they think in language.

Deep learning frameworks and networks, like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Deep Neural Networks (DNN), and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), enabling multimodal capabilities allowed vision to extend beyond the mere concept of sight. It now encompassed the peripheral and adjacent aspects such as language, audio, and tabular data.

The Gültekin brothers discovered that each artificial intelligence framework possessed unique characteristics in terms of data collection, annotation, model training, and deployment. Working together, these AI algorithms could solve the business challenges of detecting visuals, objects, and actions in video images.

As a result, they shifted their focus exclusively on developing artificial intelligence for computer vision. The significance of vision lies in the fact that most things in the world are observed through sight. For the Gültekin brothers, understanding vision not only posed significant complexity but also offered the biggest societal impact.

What is Chooch’s AI Vision technology?

Think of Chooch’s computer vision technology as highly evolved eyes and brains with limitless capacity to perform hypercritical tasks.

Chooch’s AI Vision solutions helps enterprises derive valuable insights from visual data to drive better informed business decisions. Chooch’s computer vision technology instantly detects specific visuals, objects, and actions in videos and images, including critical anomalies; immediately comprehending their significance; and instantly putting into motion pre-programed responses to them. It does this in a fraction of the time a human being could.

These highly evolved artificial eyes and brains produce vast amounts of data and can analyze it quickly and accurately at scale to provide insights upon which to formulate predictive models and prevention.

How is AI Vision transforming industries?

Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, security, and entertainment, among others, are already experiencing profound transformations with AI Vision.

Healthcare: AI Vision is enhancing medical imaging analysis, assisting in disease diagnosis, and enabling more precise surgical interventions.

Manufacturing: It is optimizing quality control processes, detecting anomalies on production lines, and enhancing production automation.

Retail: AI Vision is enabling personalized shopping experiences, inventory management, and loss prevention.

Transportation: AI Vision is driving better autonomous driving, traffic management, and infrastructure safety monitoring.

Security and safety: Security systems are being enhanced with Computer Vision for real-time surveillance for workplace safety hazards as well as threat detection.

Entertainment: AI Vision is creating more immersive experiences and better personalized content recommendations for viewers.

From counting cells faster and more accurately than medical researchers to identifying objects on the ground from aircraft synthetic aperture radar more easily than geospatial analysts to detecting poor quality product photos posted online faster then digital merchandising editors—Chooch is making a transformative impact across multiple industries.

The future of AI Vision from Chooch

The widespread adoption of computer vision has historically been hindered by economic viability and technical feasibility challenges. But these obstacles are steadily diminishing as advancements in cloud computing, availability of more diverse datasets, more powerful and affordable hardware, and continued investment AI and computer vision continue to accelerate.

Each day brings advancements that lower the friction to deploying and distributing computer vision solutions on a massive scale.

We are already witnessing this transformation in the field of language, where barriers have been significantly reduced and language-based AI technologies that utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, like BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers), have become pervasive.

Chooch’s vision for the future of computer vision technology is to unlock its full potential across various industries, revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with the world. By making computer vision economically viable, technically feasible, and easily accessible, Chooch aims to empower businesses and individuals to leverage the transformative capabilities of this technology.

With computer vision at the forefront, the Gültekin brothers are dedicated to shaping a future where visual intelligence drives innovation, efficiency, and a positive impact across all sectors of society.

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