Infinite Vision

Michael Liou’s Presentation at Infinite Vision 2022

What makes Chooch a leader in the Computer Vision space? Hear from Michael Liou of Chooch AI.

Michael Liou:

Hi, everyone. I’m Michael Liou, President and Head of Corporate and Business Development at Chooch AI. And I’d like to thank you all for joining us today. I’d like to give a special thanks to our partners and speakers for contributing to the Chooch AI Infinite Vision Summit. It was great to hear insightful perspectives from our partner network, all who play a vital role in today’s computer vision ecosystem. From today’s discussions, it is clear that with cutting edge GPUs, advanced cameras, powerful servers, AI models, and critical software services, computer vision can bring forth many benefits to the enterprise. Now feeling the benefits of 5G networks, private cloud, virtualization and powerful near edge compute power, now we can collectively have a very large opportunity to deliver enterprise AI solutions to our clients. With computer vision, we’re able to deliver time savings, accuracy, consistency, and scalability of many visual tests, as well as the ability to drive down costs, increase productivity and increase revenue.

Michael Liou:

With our partner ecosystem, we have the ability to jointly deliver AI solutions to our global enterprise clients today. AI models can be deployed from drones to robot dogs, manufacturing plants to big box retail stores, hyperscalers to private cloud providers, small edge devices to massive data centers. Simply put, Chooch can install and deliver AI model workloads in any location and instantaneously generate insights where the data resides or is being generated. Wrapping up, computer vision is top of mind across many industries, and where many are taking a variety of approaches to scale custom solutions for the enterprise, Chooch is a leader in this space as well as an industry agnostic. Our mission is to scale human envision with AI. That means building a product that can address the core business challenges faced by our customers, spanning manufacturing, retail, healthcare, smart city, and many other verticals around the world. Be on the lookout for future product innovations later this year. So please follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for those announcements. Thank you and have a great day.


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