AI Vision for the Public Sector

Chooch AI Vision is a computer vision leader trusted by multiple prime government contractors and federal entities. Chooch cutting-edge machine learning and visual AI models intensify a team’s ability to monitor, analyze, and act – improving productivity, security, and safety.

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AI power tailored to the public sector.

An integrated AI lifecycle allows public sector leaders to create AI models and train them for their needs, then respond quickly to data insights. Accurate, wide-ranging surveillance helps departments achieve more situational awareness with fewer demands on staff, helping them complete their missions at a lower cost.

  • Surveillance
  • Productivity
  • Data Security
  • Public safety

Why AI Vision for the Public Sector?

Government contractors and public sector organizations are tasked with translating video data from an ever-growing volume of satellites and vehicles into actionable insights. Chooch AI Vision can quickly analyze full motion video and images, reducing analysts’ heavy workload and launching real-time action. Governments, militaries, and contractors can protect their data, strengthen security, and offer faster public service through AI Vision’s advanced capabilities.

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Automated Monitoring

Chooch Smart Analytics provide full motion video and image monitoring with pixel-level detection accuracies. In addition to being more accurate than the human eye, AI Vision can guard more territory than security staff who can only monitor a few streams at a time.

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Pattern Detection

Chooch automatically inspects EO/IR/SAR imagery and detects patterns such as human life, temporal/heat maps, and multi-domain changes – helping public sector leaders make smarter decisions in shorter timeframes.

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ML-Assisted Annotation

Chooch AI Vision provides unlimited data annotation, helping organizations scale faster while freeing workers to focus on more meaningful work. Self-hosted AI Vision allows full data sovereignty instead of relying on third-party AI data labeling services, which can compromise security.

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Searchable Unstructured Data

Chooch creates indexed objects, text, and facial detection predictions for fast analysis and reporting – so searching and analyzing unstructured data is never a problem.

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Geospatial Intelligence Analysis

Chooch AI Vision quickly interprets geospatial data for military intelligence and surveillance applications, providing valuable detail on aircraft, weapons, and other objects of study. Integrating easily with aircraft, UAVs and satellites, AI Vision detects multiple objects at different resolutions, with processing capabilities for on-asset/local geospatial intelligence production.

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Increased Response Time

Edge AI installed on satellite or aircraft accurately identifies natural disasters, military strikes, and troop maneuvers, with real-time alerts to launch faster responses.

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Easy Integration and Installation

Chooch AI integrates with aircraft, UAVs, and satellites alike, with models that store thousands of classes as embedded vision on GPUs— making them lightweight and easy to install on a variety of observation vehicles.

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