Computer Vision for Retail Analytics

Optimize store operations, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and increase your team’s efficiency.

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Why use computer vision in your retail environment?

Real-time visibility is key to delivering high quality customer experiences and ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time.

It is helping leaders and employees better understand their operations and drive more effective decision-making.

Computer vision is helping retailers leverage AI to improve worker safety, optimize operations, reduce shrinkage, and maximize profitability.

Computer vision for real-time visibility across your retail environment

  • Lower retail shrinkage
  • Prevent out-of-stock products
  • Improve shelf space utilization
  • Optimize inventory management

Computer vision that delivers real-time store insights for innovating and optimizing your retail environment

Spot theft faster and improve loss prevention

Analyze video images real-time and identify suspicious behavior like loitering, rapid speed of movements, or unusual traffic patterns. Chooch AI Vision is faster and more accurate than traditional surveillance systems. When suspicious behavior is detected, launch real time alerts to identify issues before they impact operations.


Improve shelf space utilization and product placement

Make the most of available shelf space, maximizing the number of items displayed, and increasing the variety of products offered to customers. Better data insights improve your teams productivity by sending alerts for when to restock shelves.

Amplify foot traffic and increase incremental revenue

Detect patterns in shopper buying behavior and analyzes demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, and more in order to optimize product placement and merchandising. Chooch AI Vision aggregates data to build heat maps and identify dwell times and store wayfaring for optimizing store layouts.

Automate inventory audits and improve employee productivity

Reduce the need for manual stock checks. Chooch AI Vision analyzes video footage to compare physical stock counts to your ERP data. Chooch AI Vision detects patterns and trends to provide insights for accurate demand forecasting and inventory management.

Intelligence at the edge and at your fingertips

ReadyNow computer vision solutions for delivering actionable insights.

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Foot traffic

Track shopper walking paths and traffic flow and identify choke points or bottlenecks.

CCTV Camera
Stock out detection

Identify an empty space or missing products where they should be present.

Image Recognition
Demographics analysis

Predict people’s age or cultural appearances from faces in videos.

Access control
Area controls

Prevent employees from entering restricted areas and monitor over crowding and loitering.

Eye Viewing Fire
Slips and falls

Identify falls and trigger notifications to activate quicker response to accidents.

Eye Viewing Fire
Occupancy counting

Use common surveillance cameras for area-based people counting in real time.

Eye Viewing Fire
Behavioral analysis

Track the length of time a person spends looking at a display or remains in a specific area.


Identify handguns or items resembling weapons to trigger real-time alerts for swift action

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