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Chooch AI Named an Edge AI Tech Innovator by Gartner

Chooch AI, a leading computer vision AI platform, is named as an Edge AI Tech Innovator for 2020. The report is titled “Emerging Technologies: Tech Innovators in Edge AI” (October 2020) and is available directly from Gartner. The report identifies twelve emerging Edge AI providers.

Chooch AI developed its Edge AI capabilities as an end distribution point for the AI models generated by its AI Platform. This completes the full arc of computer vision deployment, from dataset generation, to AI training and model development, to deployment and retraining for increased accuracy – from one cloud-based platform.

The Chooch Al platform can now host ready-to-use AI models, and can generate custom models with new data in hours. On site training quickly allows custom models to be quickly augmented, and automatically updates to AI models on the edge provide continuous improvements. Chooch Edge AI provides 20-millisecond response times and reduces the skills required to deploy computer vision. 

Download the Gartner Computer Vision Edge AI reports here and here – account required.