AI Models for Wildfire Detection with Computer Vision: Deployable Now

Wildfire burning

Fires can cause devastating damage within a short time. Computer vision from Chooch can save buildings, billions of dollars, and countless lives. It allows for a faster response which reduces the damage to property or loss of life. These benefits far outweigh the minimal cost of AI model deployment.

We can deploy fire detection models on:

  • Satellites
  • Drones
  • Land cameras

AI fire detection uses pre-trained AI models that can “see” fire using computer vision. These AI models process live video feeds and can detect a fire instantly. Once the artificial intelligence model detects a fire, it sends an instant alert to the necessary authorities with the exact coordinates. This helps local personnel quickly find and extinguish a fire, drastically reducing the amount of damage caused.

We can deploy computer vision AI models in factories, offices, forests, and any other area where the risk of fire is high. After Chooch AI deploys an AI model successfully, we provide remote training. If a partner has specific needs, we can deploy a custom model. Ready to learn more about how AI models detect fire?