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Drone AI: Counting Animals With Computer Vision Demo

Trying to count a large number of assets spread over a large area can be a challenge — and prone to errors. That’s why Drone AI is useful for Chooch AI customers, as it helps them get an accurate count of their most important assets. Chooch AI models are pre-trained and ready for immediate deployment. Drone AI can identify any object that we have trained it to identify, whether it’s animals, people, or objects. It is cheaper, safer, and more accurate than traditional methods of counting numerous assets.

These benefits outweigh the costs of deployment.

Drone AI processes feeds from:

  • Security cameras
  • Drones
  • Satellites
  • Microscopes

Once our drone computer vision has captured the data, it provides an accurate count of the people, animals, or objects in the feed by:

  • Identifying the object or animal it’s trained to identify.
  • Counting the object.
  • Sending the data back to decision makers.

Thanks to its computer vision platform, the Drone AI model is useful in the following settings:

  • Large-scale farms need to keep track of large herds in a large area.
  • National parks, wildlife reserves, and wildlife conservancies need to have an accurate count of the animals that they have.
  • Large warehouses that must keep track of thousands of boxes and products.
  • Laboratories for cell counting.

After Chooch AI deploys a drone AI model successfully, we provide remote training. If a partner has specific needs, we can deploy a custom model. Our drone AI models can be trained within days and deployed within hours. Contact us today to learn more about Drone AI models for animal counting.

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