Safety & Security

Computer Vision Security: Robotics and Drone AI for the Security Industry

Traditionally, companies depend on human security personnel to safeguard their premises and assets. Thanks to computer vision security and drone AI, companies can improve and supplement the services that human security personnel provide.

Computer vision solves the challenges that come with human security personnel such as error and lack of round-the-clock availability. Chooch AI customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability to monitor feeds from numerous cameras, drones, and sensors at the same time.
  • Biometrics such as fingerprints and facial authentication with liveness detection for access control.
  • Vehicle identification.

AI security works by:

  • Training computer vision models to identify security threats, vehicles, and biometric data.
  • Running video feed from security cameras and drone computer vision on edge devices that identify objects, actions, vehicles, people and so on.
  • Sending an alert to decision makers if the model identifies a security breach.

Organizations can protect their assets efficiently and cost-effectively using computer vision for security. Chooch AI has pre-trained artificial intelligence models that we can deploy immediately for your security needs. If an organization has special use-cases, we can train custom models with the same fast deployment. Let’s discuss your computer vision security project.

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