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Computer Vision for Security: AI Models for Break-Ins

If your organization is in search of better, more robust, and reliable security to keep your personnel and assets safe, Chooch AI computer vision is all the solution you need. Computer vision provides broad, full-time, always-on security AI wherever and whenever you need it, utilizing your existing cameras, and running on edge devices to minimize operating costs.

Human security guards can only be in one place at a time and can only watch so many screens at once. AI with a computer vision platform can check any number of locations simultaneously for intrusion, vandalism, unauthorized access, and many more security criteria and concerns.

Chooch computer vision with safety and security pre-trained AI models with object recognition can identify assets, people, or heat signatures in less than 0.02 seconds, ensure compliance with safety and health regulations, detect and track vehicle movement, and analyze criteria like make, model, color, and license plate numbers, and much more.

Chooch’s innovative computer vision AI platform can expand your security team’s capabilities by enabling tasks like:

  • Multiple point-of-access, egress/ingress, and Soft Target-Crowded Place (ST-CP) monitoring
  • Facial identification for area access and control via image recognition
  • Real-time intruder detection, monitoring, and tracking
  • Simultaneous monitoring of many different locations or assets

Computer vision never blinks, AI models never sleep, and Chooch combines them to help your organization meet its unique safety and security requirements. Click here to learn more about computer vision for security and contact Chooch to learn more about how computer vision can benefit you.


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