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Social Distancing AI: Computer Vision and Intelligent Video Analytics

Proper social distancing increases public and workplace safety by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Our AI model associated with social distancing has several benefits. It reduces the costs associated with COVID-19 infection, lowers risk for people in the area, ensures legal compliance, and helps save lives.

Social distancing AI uses the following methods:

  • Chooch AI trains AI models to measure the distance between two people.
  • We set parameters to determine whether the distance is safe.
  • Intelligent video analytics work with existing video systems to detect the distance between two or more people in the video feed. It’s easy to add Chooch AI to edge devices and cameras.
  • The visual AI from Chooch can accurately detect if there is social distancing between the people in the video feed. If not, we send an alert to relevant personnel.

Social distancing AI is crucial in ensuring public health safety in areas that have the potential to be crowded, such as offices, malls, train stations, busy streets, schools, and airports. After we have deployed a social distancing AI model, Chooch AI provides remote training and computer vision consulting. If a partner has specific needs, we can deploy a custom model. Contact Chooch AI to discuss your social distancing AI project.