Safety & Security

AI for Safety: Fall Detection with Computer Vision

The benefits of detecting falls using action detection, computer vision and edge AI outweigh the costs. By reducing the risk of falls and the costs that come with delayed fall response, AI models provide our partners and customers with real value.

Falls can cause serious injuries when they are not detected early. AI models for Action detection help in detecting falls which increases safety for everyone.

These AI models increase safety by capturing images of falls and sending alerts with location data to relevant authorities for emergency help.

They can improve safety in the following scenarios:

  • In eldercare facilities where falls are the leading cause of fatal injury. By detecting falls early, Seniors can get the help they need as soon as possible.
  • In industrial settings where employees work above ground level, carry heavy objects, or operate heavy machinery. This ensures that employees receive medical attention as soon as again.
  • In cities so that residents who have had falls can get immediate emergency help.

AI Models from Chooch AI are pre-trained and ready to be deployed for fall detection. Pre-training ensures that these models can be deployed very fast, often within days and not weeks.

After a model has been deployed successfully, it is then trained remotely. Moreover, custom models can be deployed according to partner specifications.

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