Computer Vision in Healthcare

Speed, safety, and accuracy are crucial in the healthcare industry. Computer vision in healthcare applications are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by making it easier for healthcare organizations to improve patient care and streamline their internal processes.

The uses for computer vision in healthcare include:

  • Medical Imaging Analysis to read x-rays and identify cancer cells. Already, AI models have a better track record than humans in making accurate diagnoses.
  • Facial authentication to identify patients correctly and prevent wrong procedures. Facial authentication helps secure medical facilities by only allowing authorized personnel into restricted areas.
  • Automatic surgery logs detect operating room procedures and log actions enhance efficiency and safety.
  • Cough, mask-wearing, and handwashing detection ensures that healthcare workers follow safety and hygiene standards via PPE detection.

Healthcare AI works by:

  • Training visual AI models to ‘see’ actions, such as handwashing, or recognize anomalies, such as tumors.
  • Analyzing data in video streams from cameras according to predetermined standards.
  • If it detects a breach or non-compliance, it sends an alert to decision-makers for remedial action.

Computer vision for healthcare is suitable for various healthcare organizations that want to streamline their processes. Chooch AI can deploy pre-trained artificial intelligence models immediately. If an organization has special use-cases, we can train custom models and quickly deploy them. If you want to learn more about healthcare AI, contact us today.

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