AI Mask Detection: Putting Edge AI, Computer Vision, and Intelligent Video Analytics to Good Use

Mask detection using AI increases public safety by reducing the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, and accelerating the reopening of the world. These artificial intelligence models provide a lot of value to Chooch AI customers because they increase safety and ensure legal compliance.

These benefits far outweigh the cost of deploying these models.

Mask detection AI models work by:

  • Using PPE detection protocols to detect mask-wearing through computer vision.
  • Processing video streams using our edge AI platform and intelligent video analytics, detecting faces with masks and those without masks. If a mask isn’t detected, an alert is sent to relevant authorities who ensure that all public safety guidelines are followed.
  • These visual AI models do not have facial recognition capabilities which ensures privacy.

Mask detection can benefit organizations such as:

  • Offices and factories to ensure that employees maintain safety standards at all times.
  • Hospitals that require healthcare AI, so that health providers protect themselves and their patients by wearing masks.
  • Airports and any other public spaces to promote public health and safety.

After we’ve successfully deployed an AI model, we provide remote training. If one of our partners has specific needs, we can deploy a custom edge AI mode and tell you more about examples of edge devices. Ready to learn more about how AI models detect masks? Contact us to launch your mask detection project.

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