Retail Computer Vision Platform: Mask Detection and Safety Compliance At Restaurants

Chooch AI’s computer vision platform can monitor every aspect of a retail operation, be it a minimart or a restaurant — including all front of house customer touchpoints and back of house locations from kitchen to food preparation and storage areas, as well as employee break rooms and office space.

Retail computer vision can be in places that a human manager or supervisor can’t easily go, and it can see and analyze all of these locations simultaneously. It would be impossible for human managers or supervisors to detect adherence to proper masking and social distancing guidelines in every location of a restaurant at the same time. Chooch’s computer vision AI platform can do all of this — and more — in real-time.

Chooch AI’s superior image recognition can detect face masks and differentiate between masked and unmasked faces through many simultaneous inputs. This helps keep your guests and staff healthy — and your business compliant with health guidelines or regulations.

Prevent potentially costly lapses in regulatory compliance by deploying Chooch AI’s powerful, pre-trained mask detection abilities. The use of a pre-trained computer vision AI model means these systems can be deployed within days to help you keep your guests and staff safe. As health guidelines and requirements change, the computer vision AI can receive updated AI training remotely and computer vision consulting from Chooch AI, resulting in no downtime and always-on monitoring. Computer vision for security may also be a topic of interest.

Learn more about computer vision in retail specifically, keeping employees and customers safe while reducing business risks for your restaurant, bar, or other public food service establishment or get a demo of our computer vision platform.

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