Workplace Safety

Safety AI Model: PPE Detection Video

Chooch AI is creating AI models that can be deployed quickly into the field with clear benefits. Ensuring that workers wear mandated safety equipment can lower insurance costs, increase productivity and save lives. Watch this video that demonstrates how detects when safety equipment isn’t being worn.

Several workers gloves are not wearing cloves, for example, and by sending an alert to a supervision, the workers can receive a message reminding them to keep their gloves on. Chooch AI can quickly and accurately detect these issues across multiple videos feeds. In fact, Chooch AI provides computer vision security for many industries.

The ability to detect PPE compliance has a lot of benefits especially reducing the risk of injury and lowering the cost of non-compliance. This means that Chooch AI brings immense value to its partners and customers. Chooch AI’s PPE detection models are pre-trained and ready for deployment. Often, they can be deployed within days because of the pre-training.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection ensures worker safety by protecting them against health and safety risks. When workers don’t wear PPE the risk of injury, contamination and financial losses due to fines go up.

AI models that are trained to ensure safety equipment compliance, reduce the risk of injury and lower the cost of non-compliance while ensuring environmental health and safety.

Chooch AI Models detect PPE compliance and automate safety in the workplace using the following method:

  1. AI models are trained to detect PPE
  2. Afterward, AI models process video streams with computer vision.
  3. When a lack of PPE compliance is detected, Chooch AI sends alerts and location data to stakeholders indicating that worker safety is at risk.

PPE detection and compliance can benefit different facilities such as

  • Warehouses, where there are safety risks such as falls and hard hats, are required.
  • Factories where gloves, safety boots, safety goggles, and hairnets are required to avoid contamination or contact with hazardous material.
  • Construction sites.
  • Hospitals which require workers to wear gloves, masks, and gowns.
  • Mining operations.

After an AI model has been deployed successfully, it also receives remote training from Chooch AI. And when a partner has special needs, a custom model can be also be deployed.

Learn more about how AI models for PPE detection and compliance and about Computer Vision for Security. Or read our Environmental Health & Safety Compliance with Computer Vision Whitepaper.