Computer Vision

AI Fire Detection with Computer Vision

Early fire and smoke detection using AI for safety and security have massive benefits. The savings to life and property are much higher than the cost of deploying these models. Faster and more accurate AI-enabled fire detection can save lives and property which brings unparalleled value to Chooch AI customers and partners.

Early fire and smoke detection is crucial in controlling fires and preventing complete devastation. AI models can be trained to detect smoke and fire and also send alerts.

How do Chooch AI models detect fire and smoke visually?

  1. AI training produces AI models that can ‘see’ fire and smoke.
  2. Next, AI models process video streams with computer vision.
  3. When fire or smoke is detected, Chooch sends alerts with images and location data to first responders.

These models act as smart smoke detectors. Early fire detection has huge benefits for:

  • Homes by catching fires early and preventing the loss of lives and property.
  • In kitchens where there is a high chance of fire.
  • In industrial settings where hazardous or highly flammable materials can cause untold fire damage.
  • In public spaces and buildings to avoid injury, loss of life and reduce damage. They can also support firefighting operations.

Chooch AI’s fire and smoke detection models are pre-trained and ready for deployment. These models can be deployed within days onto edge devices because of the pre-training.

Once a model has been deployed successfully, Chooch continues to train it remotely. Additionally, for partners with specific needs, custom models can be deployed.

Learn more about how AI models can detect smoke and fire with Edge AI.

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