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Computer Vision Company Chooch AI Closes $20 Million Series A Round with Vickers Venture Partners, 212, and Streamlined Ventures

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Chooch AI Vision Platform gains enterprise and government customers with fast, flexible AI training, highly scalable edge AI deployments, and breakthroughs in speed and accuracy.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2020  — Chooch, a computer vision AI platform, today announced their Series A round led by venture capital firm Vickers Venture Partners with additional institutional funding from 212, Streamlined Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, Waterman Ventures and others. Chooch replicates human visual tasks and processes using a complete computer vision deployment process across a wide variety of industries. The proprietary technology has been deployed atscale for enterprise applications including geospatial, healthcare, security, media, industrial and retail. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and the US Government. This series A Growth round will serve to build out the strategic engineering team, top data scientists, and the creation of a global sales force.

Chooch AI is a member of the NVIDIA Inception and Metropolis programs and can be mass deployed on GPU-powered edge devices and PCs. Chooch AI allows remote management of AI models, devices and video streams from the Chooch AI dashboard in the cloud.

“AI startups and established players in artificial intelligence often focus on vertical applications. Chooch has a bigger vision, a horizontal AI platform that provides flexible solutions for the common demands of many companies, regardless of industry,” commented Vickers Venture Partners Chairman Dr. Finian Tan.

“Speed, accuracy and flexibility distinguish Chooch ultra-low latency application from all other computer vision technologies in the market today, which makes it a cutting edge investment for us. Breakthroughs and market growth numbers at Chooch AI are staggering,” commented Numan Numan, Founding Partner of 212.

“The Chooch platform provides extreme elasticity so that new machine learning models can be trained and deployed based on new business requirements within hours. This provides a massive competitive advantage to companies who integrate Chooch AI into their processes,” says Ullas Naik of Streamlined Ventures.

Unlike single-purpose computer vision systems, Chooch Al can rapidly ingest and process visual data from any spectrum, generating AI models in hours that can detect objects, actions, processes, coordinates, states, and more. Organizations then have the choice to deploy the Al models in the cloud or onto edge devices in minutes.

The team at Chooch takes the client through the entire visual AI deployment process, providing critical services and solutions all on one platform.


About Vickers Venture Partners
Vickers Venture Partners is a global venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in the technological and geographical mega trends of the world. The firm’s portfolio covers life sciences, technology, media, and telecommunications as well as consumer and financial services. The partners’ track records include hits such as, Inc, Focus Media Holding Ltd, Kongzhong Corp, Cambridge Real Estate Investment Trust, Sunfun Info Co., Asian Food Channel (trade sale), UUCUN (trade sale), TWG Tea (trade sale), RTG Asia (trade sale), JJE (trade sale), Hillstone (trade sale, IPO), M-Daq (trade sale), Tenfen (trade sale), Kuyun (trade sale) and Mainspring (trade sale). The total market value of the companies that the partners have helped grow exceeds US$50 billion today. Vickers Venture Partners announced that they are targeting to raise US$500 million for their latest fund VI and have started investing from it after their first close in OAIct 2019. Vickers Venture Partners was founded by Dr Finian Tan together with his co-founders Dr Khalil Binebine, Dr Jeffrey Chi, Dr Damian Tan, Linda Li and Raymond Kong in 2005. It is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, San Diego, Silicon Valley and London.

About 212
212 is a venture capital firm that invests in growth stage tech companies across Turkey, CEE, and MENA. Currently, their fund manages €75 million of committed capital, and 19 investments. 212’s strategy is to invest in B2B tech solutions that have demonstrated traction, a clear product-market fit, and are ready to scale internationally. ‘Test local, go global’ is 212’s guiding principal. In addition to investing in startups, 212 puts significant effort into mentoring, supporting and advising their portfolio companies. 212’s Fund I, US$30 million, invested in 12 companies with US$490 million value created. Celebrated winners from Fund I include Iyzico and Insider. Iyzico exited in 2019 with a US$168 million valuation, returning the entire invested capital. Insider is a Sequoia-backed company, having recently closed another round of investment with a US$200 million valuation. Fund II is invested in 7 companies to date: AppSamurai, Chooch, Meddy, MallIQ, Marti, OMMA, and SmartMessage. Final close ended in August 2020 with the fund size at €49 million. 212 was founded by Numan Numan and Ali Karabey in 2012. Their team is based out of Istanbul, Turkey and the region. 

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