AI Vision: Computer Vision Made Simple

Chooch AI Vision is the game-changing computer vision platform that’s rich with advanced AI features, but easy for even non-technical teams to use. From security to predictive maintenance, AI Vision can transform workflows and revenue across multiple industries.

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Computer Vision Tailored to Your Industry

Teams can build, deploy, and maintain sophisticated AI models that make it easy to drive new innovations, smarter security, and cost savings.

  • Avoid $34.9B in preventable work injury medical expenses
  • Eliminate $6.2B in fire loss expenses from on-site accidents
  • Monitor firearm presence throughout facilities
  • Reduce data transmission costs by 400x

Why Chooch AI Vision?

Deployable on the edge, the cloud, self-hosted or any combination, Chooch AI Vision offers both pretrained AI models and tools to custom train AI models for your unique scenarios. Easy to use and quick to drive ROI, AI Vision saves your team money through operational efficiencies in days – not weeks.

Asset Inspection for Oil and Gas

Chooch AI Vision inspects infrastructure components – such as extraction sites, pipelines, drilling equipment or industrial machinery – to predict and address maintenance needs before they become a costly problem. In addition to reducing the need for expensive technicians, AI Vision monitors site security and compliance to reduce workplace accidents.

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IOT and Industrial Innovation

Chooch AI Vision offers defect detection, remote monitoring, and supply chain tracking that save manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors money. Human error is reduced, product quality rises, and developers can explore new IoT innovation.

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Security and Workplace Safety

Chooch AI Vision’s robust PPE detection solution observes employee PPE usage across shop floors, surgical theatres, construction sites, and assembly lines. Accident frequency and severity are reduced, lowering your insurance premiums, and decreasing litigation. AI Vision monitoring protect your environment in real time and alert you faster than a human security guard can react.

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Drone-Based Monitoring

Chooch AI Vision uses drone-based monitoring to provide more visual data for larger areas at a fraction of the cost. In addition to counting livestock or analyzing agricultural crops, drones can fly through tunnels, mines, along pipes and electric lines, or high above facilities to evaluate infrastructures for leaks and damage. After quickly detecting issues, AI Vision can send immediate alerts and reports to decision-makers for fast and proactive maintenance.

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Smart City Safety and Efficiency

Chooch AI Vision helps smart cities – and their residents – stay safe through rapid detection of car accidents, traffic jams, weather events, or road obstructions. Through real-time alerts, first responders can quickly arrive in emergency situations and treat injuries, clear obstructions, or manage traffic flow.

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Build a Stronger Future with AI Vision

Reach out to our AI experts and find out how AI Vision from Chooch can help you.